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Grief Writer
WASLER site illustrations
A series of illustrations in digital watercolour, detailing safety planning, avenues of support, advice for children & young people and kinds of abuse for the Women's Aid South Lanarkshire & East Renfrewshire
Abortion Rights Summer School
This project to promote Abortion Rights' Summer School programme of seminars, a screening, Q&A and other campaigning sessions needed to work across multiple social media platforms
Scottish Women's Aid: Crisis & Resilience
Illustration, infographics and design for Scottish Women's Aid's report on the impact of a global pandemic on domestic abuse survivors and service providers in Scotland.
Domestic Abuse during COVID-19
I was commissioned by Scottish Women's Aid to design and illustrate a series of information sheets for those in need of help during the COVID-19 lockdown.
SWA Resourcing Recovery Report
Report design, illustration and animated social media images for Scottish Women's Aid. The document needed bold, attractive infographics to highlight important statistics.
Rape Crisis Scotland Annual Report 2018-2019
An amazing design & illustration challenge for a sadly necessary feminist charity. I got to draw floaty, textured pictures *and* nerd out on designing crisp data visualisations. Win-win.
Inktober 2019
I loved last year's drawing-a-day challenge so much I went back for more for October 2019. The prompt list was not easy, but that's good, it made me think and work harder.
Abortion Rights Halo
Another great commission from Abortion Rights. Inspired by NYC activists, this piece refers to religious iconography and puts the reproductive rights of women on a divine pedestal.
It's All in Your Head
Brains, Beyoncé and a farting Kardashian feature among a series of b&w vignettes and spreads to illustrate this brilliant YA book on mental health by Rae Earl the creator of My Mad Fat Diary.
Girl Up
Intimate infographics, cartoons and tap dancing vaginas for this great YA book on women's rights, growing up and the female body by Laura Bates, the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project.
Fill Me In
Drawings of celebs, heartbreak, marriage and tombstones in this friendship journal for millennials. And if the life stuff all gets a bit heavy there's a colouring page of cats eating takeout...
SDAFMH Annual Report
Illustration & infographics for the Scottish Domestic Abuse & Forced Marriage Helpline annual report. Created to highlight the experiences of the women who call the helpline.
Scottish Women's Aid
A series of narrative images to accompany quiz questions on the SWA website. The questions are to help people determine if they might be experiencing abuse in their relationship.
Inktober & Drawvember 2018
My first foray into the world of the daily creative challenge. Around the edge of my commissioned work I made sure I did an iPad drawing a day. These are my favourite efforts.
The medium is the message.
Draw the Line
Over 100 comic artists took part in a project to illustrate 100 positive political actions anyone can take. I'm one of the artists. I was allocated the action 'Look to your bathroom'.
SDAFMH Billboard
A bold and inclusive illustrated billboard ad for Scotland's domestic abuse helpline. This has been shared online, as an email signature and in doctors' surgeries across Scotland.
Personal project that started as a favour. A friend needed a very rough drawing of a phoenix to get a textile project started. It was only supposed to be very basic, but this happened instead.
Abortion Rights
This is an organisation I have been working for on and off since 2013. Their issue of a woman's right to choose is fundamental to equality and their messages need to stand out.
Don't Hold My Head Down
A fantastic poster commissioned as an incentive for Unbound supporters of author Lucy Anne Holmes and her funny, frank and fearless book on sex and women's pleasure.
Hipster Vampyres
A fun personal project combining gauche, nerdy insta-style, a strictly limited palette and the progressive undead. I would like to turn this into a comic at some point.
We are the weirdos mister
An ongoing personal project featuring a host of floating / mournful / betentacled / multi-legged / clairvoyant / laser-emitting girl-based oddities.
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