Workshops & participatory activities, live art and illustration projects.
Doodling. A silly word for an amazing activity. Everyone does it in some way; with a biro and a receipt while stuck on the phone, drawing patterns in sand with a stick, drawing a face in the steam on a mirror… it’s making something from nothing with no real idea of the outcome. It is the ultimate in going with the flow.
Doodling is good for you. It can achieve the same feel-good brain waves as novice meditation and can relieve stress and promote well-being.
It’s also fun and playful and can yield curious results.
I like to work this way myself and also find interesting ways to facilitate other people’s playful, indeterminate creativity.
Finding beauty and pattern in lines and colour and shapes.
From tiny intricate drawings to large scale installations, there are infinite ways to gently guide creativity as a mindful visual activity, as a rhythmic and meditative state of flow and as intuitive art making.
See below for examples of experiments and workshops (more examples to follow soon). And get in touch with the form below, if you'd like to discuss a project.
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