Workshops & participatory activities, live art and illustration projects.
Doodling is a universal habit, manifested in various forms: scribbling with a pen on a receipt, tracing patterns in sand, or sketching on a foggy mirror. It's about creating spontaneously, embracing uncertainty without a defined outcome—a true embodiment of the 'go with the flow' mentality.
Engaging in doodling isn't just enjoyable; it sparks curiosity and fosters innovation, resulting in delightful and unique creations. Moreover, it can trigger similar positive brain activity as beginner-level meditation, offering stress relief and enhancing overall well-being.
Whether done alone for moments of tranquility amidst chaos or collaboratively, encouraging exploration, community and dialogue, doodling serves as a versatile tool. This approach is the basis of most of my work and I strive to facilitate others' playful and exploratory creativity.
Exploring beauty and rhythm through lines, colours, and shapes—from intricate sketches to expansive installations—there's endless potential to encourage development in personal work and enhance large events. It's a mindful, meditative practice, fostering intuitive expression.
Check out the examples of experiments and workshops below and feel free to get in touch via the form if you would like to discuss a project.
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