It’s taken 7 years


This is my website and I must confess that this has taken me AGES to do properly. Partly because of time pressure, but if I’m honest mainly becuase I didn’t really know how to present myself or my work. As it turns out, maybe I hadn’t figured it out because I wasn’t comfortable, or confident enough so I dicked around with pseudonyms and the like.

One handy thing about it having taken so long, is I’ve done quite a lot of work in that time so rather than chuck everything at this, I’ve been able to cherry pick.

So I will endeavour to blog properly and regularly, I have lots to share and mull over. Not least because I’ve been reading some amazing Graphic Novels lately and want to shout about how great they are.

Have a browse around, if this weren’t virtual I’d offer you a cup of tea, but y’know…