Bikinis and burkinis: sexism on the sea shore


Sexism sells body shame on the sea shore

Calling out sexism on the sea shore

This week a woman in Nice was forced to removed some of her clothing by French police. A real and degrading act of humiliation visited upon a woman just sitting on the beach. No, she wasn’t wearing a suit of chrome fitted with assault weapons, an anthrax T-shirt or trousers printed with graphic depictions of bestiality. She was wearing a ‘burkini’, a swimming costume. Burkinis are designed so that Muslim women who choose to remain covered can go swimming in public without compromising their beliefs.

I may have issues with patriarchal and religious codes that police women’s bodies, attire and actions in relation to male desire and aggression, but as Arundati Roy has correctly stated, “Coercing a woman out of a burka is as bad as coercing her into one”.

Hell, I hate wearing revealing clothing, it makes me feel uncomfortable. If I was forced by an authority figure to undress in public I would go postal. Just imagine it, it’s like one of those nightmares where everyone’s looking at you undressed. It seems the French authorities have decided to find a way to punish Muslims in general for the the acts of a few terrorists and are doing it in a very visible way, notably, to women. Women on holiday with their children. This is humiliation, control and sexism 101 and it’s a disgrace.

Much like a person in a city is supposedly never far from a rat, it seems, a woman on Planet Earth is never very far from someone who wants to control her body; how she dresses it, medicates it, feeds it, moves it, arouses it, fires babies out of it [or not] etc.

Hands up if you’re tired of this shit…

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