Women’s Aid Federation

This is another project where I have been able to use my work to contribute to an important cause. In 2012 the UK Government signed the Istanbul Convention, a treaty that aims to take concrete steps to eradicating the systematic violence against women and girls, including domestic violence, honour-based violence, FGM, rape and sexual assault. The UK have yet to ratify the agreement citing devolved power issues within the UK. The four Women’s Aid federations in the UK; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, funded by WAVE (Women Against Violence in Europe) commissioned me to create social media graphics for their campaign. ¬†These graphics were for encouraging people to lobby their MPs and bring ratifying the this important legislation a step closer*.

The focus was domestic abuse and so I chose to use backgrounds featuring wallpaper and soft furnishing patterns to set the information within a seemingly ordinary context. I used the key colours from each Women’s Aid logo so as to unite the four federations visually without having to create a new identity. I worked with a copywriter to make the text really short and punchy as there was a lot to explain in single images including 6 logos, a website, a hashtag header and a call to action. I created 2 long graphics based on statistics, 2 short in-stream graphics for Twitter and social media assets.

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*The campaign was successful, MPs present at the bill’s second reading voted 135 to 2 to push the treaty closer to ratification in the UK!