No More Page Three



I began drawing cartoons for the No More Page 3 campaign because one of the common counter arguments to the campaign was, ‘Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.’

Even our own, dear Prime Minister (ahem) said that was the solution, and yet failed to explain how this would avoid the sexual objectification of half of the population. And the effects of this objectification are far-reaching. You didn’t need to buy the paper to hear the comments or notice the way it contributed to a climate of sexist bullying. Anyway.  Laura Bates said it best in her open letter to the Sun’s editor and it inspired me to draw the cartoons.

I was invited to be a member of the campaign team and so I continued creating drawings and graphics to push the message forward. I am proud to have contributed to this campaign, and the work of the women who went before us – especially since Page 3 as we know it has been gone since January 22nd 2015.