Bee in Company


The Bee in Company website was an absolute joy of a project. Heena, the founder, is an optician and has seen loneliness increasing in the older generation. Bee in Company seeks to address this with communal living for older people. I’ve worked extensively on community art projects with elderly participants and know how important this issue is, so I was really happy to work on Heena’s website. Also, she already had a gorgeous logo which formed the basis of a strong visual identity. I carried this strong identity through all of the website’s visuals including backgrounds, icons and vector illustrations. The site is a fully responsive single page (excluding the blog) that concisely and stylishly invites the visitor in for a cup of tea and a chat. The site uses the WordPress theme Uncode and the developers at Uncode liked it so much it’s one of the showcase sites, which is dead nice!  See below for bespoke illustration slideshow and full web layout.



Click on full web image below to visit the site.