Bare Reality – a play about breasts


Another project I’ve been really proud to work on is the Bare Reality play.

Based on a project and resulting book by photographer Laura Dodsworth, the play built a narrative using the stories women told her about their relationships with their breasts. Having worked on the AnyBody and No More Page 3 projects I’m very aware of how women are made to feel about their bodies and particularly their breasts. Bare Reality shone a light on  experiences which challenge the mass-media narrative of the visually ‘perfect’ female body which is served up for men to idolise and women to aspire to.

Women’s nipples are banned on many social media sites, so Laura wanted to promote the play without using visuals from her book. Using the Bare Reality palette and my stylus, I reproduced the boobs from the book cover digitally and used the visual to create an identity for the play, including social media assets, a print advert, poster and flyer.

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