Scottish Women’s Aid Billboard

Another project with Women’s Aid, this time the wonderful Scottish arm for a digital billboard project.

The brief: I was commissioned to design and illustrate an advert that publicises the 24 hour domestic abuse and forced marriage helpline, lets people know they are calling the correct line for those issues, that the service is gender neutral and that people can call if they themselves are at risk or concerned for a friend or family member. The illustration was to depict ordinary people in an everyday setting. Oh and it had to work on social media too. I was given two sets of pixel dimensions for the digital screens, a colour palette and a brilliant team to work with.

After mood-boards, discussion and brainstorming, I figured a bus was a good setting, it’s somewhere you can find lots of different people and where people can access visible support if they need it for stability. With that metaphor under my arm I went to work and turned out the ad below.



To see the billboard in situ, Retweeted by Scotland’s First Minister and Scottish Labour’s Leader, plus preemptive sketches and the pre-vector artwork, see the slideshow underneath.