Pattern book

Pattern circle


This is from a personal project that I worked on when I was prone on the sofa recovering from an operation.

I use this drawing process as a kind of meditation. Research I’ve seen since suggests that being focussed on a task, such as drawing – or anything which invokes in the participant the state of ‘flow’ – promotes alpha brainwaves as does novice meditation. Alpha brainwaves are understood to ‘promote creativity and reduce depression’. When I’m drawing I find I am calm, focussed and my mood almost always lifts. I’m told by others that I appear to visibly relax.

For many of the art classes and workshops I run, the main focus is observation (a sort of visual mindfulness), play and relaxation. Many participants have told me their mood has been elevated by coming to my sessions and some even report that tension, stress or physical pain has been reduced or forgotten during a class.

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